Print Monkey is an
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with a clear focus — to
consistently meet and
exceed the expectations
of our customers.

Who we are

Ready for the
future of printing?

In recent years, the development of digital printing technology has allowed for much faster turn-around and affordable limited print run solutions. While this has been great for those time-critical deadlines and smaller custom jobs, the output has often been underwhelming against that of traditional offset printing.

A new breed of printer, Print Monkey sets out to challenge the status quo. Offering the very latest digital printing eco-system, we seamlessly integrate traditional printing techniques and craftsmanship to ensure your project not only meets deadline but exceeds expectation.

At Print Monkey, digital doesn't have to come without craft, and your next print job doesn't have to stop at CMYK.

What we do


Proof, plates, print. To keep up with the latest digital printing equipment, our pre-press technology offers the latest in colour management, digital proofing and CTP, all finger printed to ensure precise colour matching and printing across our suite of presses so that your job lives up to what was signed-off.

Digital Print

The latest digital printing technology now goes beyond affordable quick turnarounds and small print runs. Our next generation digital press integrates traditional offset techniques such as high build, spot pantone colours and metallic inks, which are all in-line and in a single digital eco-system. The result? - all the advantages a digital press delivers with the quality and processes of traditional offset print.

Offset Print

Traditional offset built with the lastest digital technology. While digital printing machines have their place, so do offset presses. The workhorse of any printing shop, our Heidelberg Speedmaster press is packed which the latest technology to deliver exceptional print, large print runs and speeds not met by its digital friends.

Large Format

Don't be bound by size - we can bring those big ideas to life. Our large format press' can print on multiple substrates, whether it be from a continuous roll or a rigid board, we can customize large format print solutions to suit your requirements - no matter the shape or size, be the run short or long.


Traditional printing techniques such as foiling, embossing, letterpress can hold their own ground against CMYK, but when combined provide endless print possibilities.


Man and machine. Print finishes come in all shapes and sizes, some can be carried out by the latest machines but if outside their capabilities we apply good old fashion hands to the job. Binding, stitching, laminating, die cutting, it's what makes a job special and adds that bespoke finishing touch.

Fulfillment & Logistics

Fulfilling your requirements. From single packages to several, from one location or every letterbox. We understand jobs aren't always simple but we make it as seamless for you as possible, packing and doing whatever else is required to deliver the job. We can store and provide logistical support and deliver jobs on request when and where required.


Just like you, we care for the sustainability of our planet. To ensure we keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum, best environmental practices are applied throughout the business and at every step in the printing process — Because if there's one thing we monkeys love, it's those trees.

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